What GEM customers are saying ...

Here is a selection of comments received from GEM system customers...

"I recently purchased an Apollo Gem-C from you.
It was easier to install than I thought it would be.
The performance far exceeded my expectations.
I have just received my first full quarter gas bill since installation.
Compared to the same quarter last year, my gas use is down 24%.
Well done" - Ken Dew

“Just to let you know I am very pleased with the effect the GEM unit fitted earlier this year in providing a considerable amount of hot water” – Mr Bryan Page

“I am really impressed by your customer support and all the help that you and your company have given me. I shall certainly recommend you and your products” – Mr M Trusler

“Just to let you know the Gem is working so well 450kwh from install and 300kwh average per 30 days which is a £36 saving per month” – Mr Paul Page (7.5KW PV System)

“Would just like to say thanks for the work you did installing my GEM unit, you did a very good and neat job. I would be very happy to recommend you service and product” – Gary Hancock

“The installation went well last week, and the control unit fits neatly into my airing cupboard. I have since tried turning off the gas water heating and all is going well! Very satisfying” – Mrs V Billings

“I have not had to use any other method than the GEM, to meet my hot water needs, quite impressive given the time of year. It certainly bodes well for the future, most welcome with the recent news regarding energy price increases” – Mr Chris Bolshaw

“Thank you for the top rate support” – Mr Chris Stark

“I’m very pleased with the unit & it’s savings and am very surprised that more installers don’t install this as standard (where applicable) Many thanks for your help” - Pete Fielden

“If anybody is considering a hot water system which comes well packaged, has an excellent after care support system, comes with a 5 year warranty and is easy to install then I would 100% recommend you buy the Apollo GEM. I am absolutely convinced it is far and away the best on the market.” – GEM User forum 

“Excellent product, extremely clever if you have pv and a still have a hot water cylinder you must definitely get one of these terrific devices..we have reduced our domestic gas use for hot water by about 70-80% of the year..need I say more..!” – Mr Douglas Hall

“An excellent addition to a solar PV system. The electricity it uses really is “free” it took me while to figure that out. The control unit also gives a quick and easy immediate evaluation of your system performance – importing and how much – exporting and how much – heating water and how much power is being used. We have a 2700 watt immersion, after using 50 litres of hot water in the washing machine, this can return the tank to 60 deg C in less than 2 hours. We have not used our gas boiler to heat the hot water since the end of April”. - Vic Denwood

“Just like to say the GEM isn't the cheapest but superior to other options. Even if it's a dull February day the GEM will feed something like 150w to 500w into the immersion heater, a lot better if the sun comes out. I also found ringing Apollo Solar for advice, resulted in good and patient answers.” – GEM User forum post

"I feel the need to write and pass on my thanks for the support given to be by one of your employees. Yesterday I had a problem with my Apollo GEM which I could not sort even with all the manuals to hand. I called your office and was informed that the individual who could help was on another call and would call me back. Later my call was returned and the problem was resolved very quickly. Sadly these days it is unusual to get someone to return a call and immediately understand and resolve the problem with additional help and some background information. First class customer support." - Mr Kevin Widdick  

All are genuine customer comments and the original communications are held on file.