Your Questions Answered

Is GEM easy to install?

Yes! GEM can be installed by PV installers, electricians or a competent DIYer. GEM does not need to be installed by an MCS certified installer and will not affect the MCS certification of your micro-generation system. Only one clip-on type import/export sensor is used and this links to the control unit using a wireless connection to reduce wiring and means that no dedicated immersion circuit is required with the GEM system.

What energy savings can I expect?

This will depend on the size of your PV system and the amount of hot water you use. For a 4 person family with a 4KW PV system you can expect savings of around £240 per year.

Will I still get my export tariff payments?

Yes. Currently FITs export payments are paid for 50% of all units generated regardless of how many units are actually exported. This means you can use all your generated energy and still receive all the export payments!

What if I have a "Free Solar" system and do not receive any FITs payments?

All of the savings generated by GEM come from fully using the energy generated by your solar system and not from the FITs payments and so customers with "free solar" systems benefit in just the same way as customers who own their PV systems. GEM allows you to use all your generated energy instead of just half of it.

Will GEM affect my generation meter reading?

No. GEM does not affect your generation meter reading and so you still get your full FITs payments. The generation meter only measures the energy generated by your PV panels and not used or exported energy.

Do I need a hot water tank?

Yes, you do need a hot water system which uses a hot water storage tank. GEM stores the excess energy generated as hot water.

Do I need an immersion heater?

Yes, GEM will control your existing immersion heater.

Do I Need a dedicated circuit from my consumer unit?

No, GEM will work from your existing immersion supply whether it is a dedicated circuit or a switched and fused spur from a ring main.

If no excess energy is generated do I still get hot water?

Yes, GEM works in conjunction with your normal hot water system whether gas, oil, immersion etc. on days when excess power is not available from the PV system your water is heated in the normal way.

Can I see how much energy I have saved?

Yes, GEM records and displays how much energy has been saved and which would have otherwise been exported.

The Apollo GEM can also continuously display the actual power being imported or exported as well as the power being sent to the heating element and the hot water temperature.

Can I still use my Economy 7 water heating?

Yes, GEM has a built-in immersion timer which allows 3 different on/off periods to be programmed for each 24 hours so you can still take full advantage of your off-peak or Economy 7 supply.

Does GEM have a second output?

Yes, GEM has two independent variable power outputs so that a second water tank can be heated or power can be diverted to a second heater, e.g. a storage heater if the first water tank becomes fully heated. GEM can even be programmed to equally share any available surplus PV power between the two outputs.

What is the GEM warranty?

All GEM systems are supplied with a 5 year RTB warranty.