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Apollo adds Legionella Control Function to GEM

Preventing legionella in solar hot water systems needs a thoughtful approach, so we are proud to announce the addition of a Legionella Control Function to the Apollo GEM that avoids wasting the potential of PV generated solar energy.

Legionella bacteria are found in water in the natural environment, but it is only in man-made water systems that the bacteria can exist in numbers high enough to cause disease.  As the resulting Legionnaires’ Disease can be fatal, there has been a considerable amount of research to define the characteristics of the bacteria.  It is now well established that the bacteria is encouraged to colonise where there is stagnation, accumulation of debris, scale and corrosion, or in lukewarm water between 20 and 45°C.  Research has shown that at 70°C legionella bacteria is killed in seconds, at 60°C over 90% of the bacteria is killed after two minutes, whilst at 50°C it would take two hours to achieve the same level of elimination.

For water systems that do not automatically operate over 60°C or above, it is recommended that a weekly heating cycle to 60°C is carried out.  This will ensure that the water system stays free of the bacteria.   The Apollo GEM has a programmable built in legionella control cycle that can be used to automatically carry out a bacteria control cycle each week eliminating bacterial contamination.

There are two programmes available, one for each GEM heater outputs.   For further details or to discuss your requirements further, please call one of our sales staff on 01788 511055