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ITV Tonight Programme features the Apollo GEM

"How To Cut Your Energy Bills"

The popular ITV current affairs programme "Tonight" broadcast on 7th November.

About this programme
Recently announced price rises mean the average annual bill for gas and electricity will, for the first time, be more than £1,500. With the issue at the top of the political agenda, Jonathan Maitland investigates why people are paying so much to heat and light their homes and reveals money-saving tips to keep costs down in the winter months.

Featured in the programme was the home of energy saving expert Paul Page. Paul has invested in many energy saving technologies including the Apollo GEM System. See Pauls website here for more information.

Here is what Paul says about the GEM system:

"The GEM is an amazing piece of equipment.
It will use energy generated from your renewable source i.e. PV solar / Wind or Hydro which is going to be exported and divert the energy into a hot water system or a storage heater."

click to see a clip from the programme