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New Auto-Boost Function Added to Apollo GEM

Apollo has now added a new "Auto-Boost" feature to the GEM PV energy management product.

The new feature adds to the already impressive functionality and flexibility of the Apollo GEM system.

Auto-Boost addresses the concern that when hot water is being provided solely by using excess generated energy, a string of dull days might leave the household with insufficient hot water.

When enabled, the Auto Boost function can be used ensure that a user programmed minimum temperature is always maintained in the hot water cylinder.
If the cylinder reaches the set minimum temperature the GEM boost function is automatically activated to raise the tank temperature to a user programmed boost temperature.

Auto-Boost will ensure sufficient hot water is available at times when solar PV or wind energy is unavailable for an extended time without any intervention from the user.

The same Auto-Boost function can also serve as an effective frost protection system where GEM has been installed in infrequently occupied properties in winter.